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Server Security Information


Why don't we provide reseller hosting:

You might be thinking why don’t we provide resellers to our clients or WHM access on our servers. The reason is that we recently found that attackers could use any reseller account to create sub-domains of a site by WHM which might be there target. Once the attacker has created a sub-domain of there target, the attacker can then run that sub-domain without the owner of the official site knowing. The sub-domain would be used just as if running an own site. An example would be if a site of yours is parked on a server, such as The attacker can then create using WHM access or a resellers account on the server.

Why is base64 not working:

We have disabled base64 on our shared web hosting server. Many PHP shells are encrypted in base64 language to bypass server firewalls. A PHP shell is a tool used by hackers that allows them to access your web site files, and our server. They can use that PHP shells to edit, download and delete your site files. They can also access your sites database with it. Therefore, we have disabled it to keep your sites safe.